Whitepaper: Solar Module Soiling

Soiling can be the biggest influencer of the Performance Ratio in a PV power plant. In dusty areas it may cause more than 30 % loss of yield if modules are not cleaned in time. Soiling can have a serious impact on the ROI of your PV project.

What is soiling?

We have captured the insights to soiling that we have gained during the development of DustIQ in a whitepaper. You will find information about the soiling phenomenon, what it is and the variety across different locations. For example, the colors and composition of dust can have very different effects on PV modules.

What to do about soiling?

Soiling is a big topic in PV and there are new innovations launched every year related to the subject. Such as coatings for PV module glass to repel dust and cleaning robots to remove soiling at night and without the use of water. And, of course, our unique Optical Soiling Measurement (OSM) technology integrated into DustIQ.

Download our whitepaper on soiling

For a clear view about soiling and its effects, you can download the whitepaper ‘Solar Module Soiling’ by filling out the form on the right.

Enjoy reading!