Data loggers play a crucial role as the brain of a monitoring station, by storing data, calculating parameters, sending alarms, and more. And by using telemetry or remote communication to send data from a data logger, you can almost instantly access your data via computer, server, or smart phone to view and further process.

With numerous data logger and telemetry options in the market -including the OTT netDL, SUTRON SatLink3, and others -it can be difficult to know which combination best fits the needs of your application and station. Our new selection guide is designed to help you understand key differences between each option, and when to select each.

Our guide explores questions such as:

  • How do you select a datalogger today that will also meet your future needs?
  • How do you choose between mobile and satellite transmissions?
  • Which data loggers are best for which telemetry methods?
  • How important is it to have two-way communication and redundancy with your stations?

View the guide today to help discover your ideal solution: