The OTT SVR 100 (Surface Velocity Radar) is the ideal non-contact sensor for measuring open channel flow, and we are now offering it in our latest promotion. Take advantage of this limited-time offer while supplies last - inquire about the OTT SVR 100 today to see how large of a discount you qualify for.*

More details about the OTT SVR 100 surface velocity radar

The SVR 100 is a simple and compact sensor that provides continuous reliable data, even during floods or periods of high concentrations of suspended sediment. The sensor allows specialists like hydrologists and program managers to remotely access automatic QA/QC data with each measurement, with built-in quality indicators to remove the guesswork.

The sensor is installed above the water, safe from rising water levels or floating debris, to deliver all the benefits of non-contact measurement.

*Until supplies last. This only applies to the first generation OTT SVR.