Proactive Flood Management for Canada‘s Biggest Cities

Learn how data-driven watershed management enables proactive flood response in this webinar recording.

In this 30-minute webinar recording, you’ll learn how they proactively protect citizens and ecosystems, from monitoring station setup and maintenance all the way to situational response and real-world lessons from some of the region’s most significant environmental events in recent years.

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  • About Toronto and Region Conservation Authority
  • Hydrometric Program Overview
  • Station Installation and Maintenance
  • EnviroSCADA
  • Real-Time Flood Monitoring and Response
  • Data Review/Correction/Grading
    • Stage-Discharge Rating Curves
    • End Users
  • What‘s next?

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More Info:

The increasing population of Canada's fastest-growing cities is creating new pressures and challenges for better watershed management and proactive flood response.
You're invited to discover how the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority has safeguarded and enhanced the health of 11 watersheds in Ontario, Canada for over 60 years, by using innovative sensor and software technologies to protect, conserve, and restore natural resources.