The performance of a PV plant can vary significantly depending on multiple influences. A confident decision whether a power loss arises from technical issues or just bad weather needs reliable monitoring. With regard to a growing industry of commercial and industrial scale (C&I) PV installations in North America, OTT HydroMet launches the new WS50PV, a reliable cost-effective, and easy-to-use compact all-in-one weather sensor.

Utility-scale PV plant operators are monitoring several meteorological parameters with sensors from OTT HydroMet brands Kipp & Zonen and Lufft for decades. Now, smaller installations on C&I scale can benefit from this experience thanks to reliable, user-friendly, and hassle-free solutions.

The new WS50PV unlocks the full potential of your operations

The new ISO & IEC compliant WS50PV, the only compact all-in-one weather sensor for C&I application with active ventilation and integrated heating, is designed to measure the most critical parameters. Correlating meteorological parameters with panel temperature and power output enhances performance analysis, allowing you to determine if output variances are due to changing weather conditions or a developing system fault.

The WS50PV at a glance:

Unlock Performance – Validate solar plant performance with comprehensive weather sensing technology to enable accurate predictions of energy production and recognize system faults faster.

Reliable – Install with confidence – ISO/IEC compliant with a lifetime expectancy greater than 10 years.

Hassle-free – Focus on power generation with easy installation and low maintenance. Five parameters combine in one housing, mount, and cable with a single digital output to any Modbus RTU-ready data acquisition system.

Modular – Easily add a precipitation or back of module temperature sensor to the same Modbus ID.

With best-in-class accuracy, a digital interface based on an enhanced Modbus protocol, and integrated ventilation and heating, the robust WS50PV enables you to enhance performance affordably. Read more about the potential of C&I installations and the new WS50PV in our Product Guide.

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