OTT HydroMet Demo Days: OTT ecoLog 1000

Join us for a Demo Days webinar on Tuesday, October 3rd, featuring a detailed presentation on the OTT ecoLog 1000, an all-in-one level logger and telemetry solution. In the session, you will go on an immersive tour of the ecoLog 1000 with a special focus on its new conductivity measurement capabilities.

Our expert speaker will guide you through the LinkComm Operating Software Platform, showcasing how it controls the ecoLog 1000, and highlighting the value it brings to groundwater, surface water, and flood warning applications.

Key topics will include:
- Bluetooth and cellular connectivity
- Metadata such as power usage and internal humidity
- Integration into various data management platforms

Diving deeper into the conductivity capabilities, explore how LinkComm can be configured to measure salinity and total dissolved solids (TDS) to detect events like saltwater intrusion and pollution. You will also gain insight into the underlying technology that enables the ecoLog 1000 to deliver accurate conductivity measurements and a step-by-step demonstration of conductivity calibration using LinkComm.

The demonstration will be followed by a Q&A session where you can engage with our expert and get answers to your specific inquiries.

Greg Koch, Global Product Manager, OTT HydroMet

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