Overview Guide with Insights for Experts

For decades OTT HydroMet has delivered valuable insights for experts in a wide range of applications. In this guide you will learn more about the OTT HydroMet brands for meteorological applications and its related products.

Optical Sensing

The versatility of the optical sensing principles enables optical sensors to be used in various applications, including airports, roads, research and even in the snowy climes of Antarctica.

Snow Depth

Millimeter-accurate snow level detection over long distances in all weather
conditions without any maintenance, due to opto-electronic/laser based rangefinder technology.

Air Temperature, Relative Humidity & Air Pressure

New class of Smart Weather Sensors with high-quality aluminum housing: Climate Reference Sensor for Calibration / Verification of Air Temperature, Relative Humidity and Air Pressure.

Wind Speed

Extremely precise and maintenance-free measurement of wind speed and wind direction with the ultrasonic run-time differential method.


All-weather, high accuracy rain gauges using the balance principle to measure the amount of precipitation for continuous data collection.